Integrated salinity gradient power initiative

    Welcome to the Integrated Network for Energy from Salinity Gradient Power (INES) project website, where you will be able to find details of the project including: documents, photos, videos, and contact information and of course the latest news on the project. Aiming to find and develop solutions to the common crucial problems for the development of Salinity Gradient Power the INES project gathers Energy Agencies, Developers, Investors, Regional authorities, Experts, and EU Representatives.



    Visiting Saltpower in Sønderborg, Denmark

    On the 7th of March 2018, INES visited the upscaled demonstration plant of the company SaltPower in Sønderborg, Denmark. It is an exciting installation, where power is harvest from brine from a geothermal source. In addition to a tour of the demonstration plant, we were given a presentation on the future potential for this energy source. We also visited one of SaltPowers strong partners, Danfoss, who were very kind to host a meeting with us. Their hospitality warmed us on an otherwise cold day in Denmark. INES will follow the future development of SaltPower with great interest.  

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    More info about the start-up company:


    2016 EUSEW 13 June INES Energy Day

    INES held its international conference on salinity gradient power, where experts from University of Ghent, University of Palermo and research centre VITO explained their latest and most exciting EU projects on PRO and RED.

    To see our presentations click on the below images

    INES – Overview of European and International Projects

    Unitersiteit Gent – REvivED Project

    VITO – Salinity gradient applications


    We also had a very interesting panel discussion with DG Mare and DG Research and Innovation about the future prospects for ocean energies in Europe.

    Lastly, the first book entirely on Salinity Gradient was presented by Prof. Giorgio Micale.

    Thank you to our panelists, speakers and presenters for being part of this Energy Day.”

    16 June Meeting

    The INES project had a very exciting week, celebrating the 2015 EUSEW Energy Week on the 15th to the 19th of June. Energy Week is a week for NGOs and governments to highlight the issues surrounding energy innovation and preservation. The INES project presented issues surrounding PRO and RED at an international level,  and hosted two meetings on the 16th and 17th of June.

    Our first event "Energy from Water/Water from Energy: Latest developments in Asia and Europe", was a chance to introduce our international partners to Belgium. The event featured a number of experienced international speakers from South Korea, Israel, Germany and the Netherlands who gave insightful presentations. The meeting was a great start for our successful week.

    The High-Level Policy conference was held on June 17th at the European Commission, and demonstrated the value of methods of salinity gradient energy for desalination, but also for mining and industrial waste streams. There was an overview of the technologies RED and PRO, and we saw the great advance of some projects in the last years, as well as having a glance of the future in the sector.

    We would like to thank our speakers and attendees for joining us at our Energy Week conferences. IMIEU would also like to extend our thanks to the European Commission for hosting our High-Level policy conference.

    Montreal Meeting Report

    Montreal Meeting Report

    We are very pleased to say that after a slight delay, we are now able to publish our report for the Montreal meeting. To read the report, please go to our "Documents" page, or click the image.

    Also, our report for our INES meeting in Seoul will be available shortly, please keep checking back to keep updated.


    INES Meeting September 3, 2014, Seoul, South Korea
    INES Meeting September 3, 2014, Seoul, South Korea

    Our first INES Asia meeting was an overwhelming success and we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to those who helped organise and contributed to the seminar. We are still in the process of providing  a full report of the meeting, but to those who would like to see a brief overview and some pictures of the event, please click the image.


    INES Meeting June 10-11, 2014, Montréal, Canada

    The INES meeting  on Developing Salinity Gradient Energy in Montreal was a hit with our members. We would like to thank our partners and attendees for contributing to its huge success. Please keep in contact to ensure you receive updates for our future meetings and conferences.

    INES Meeting 23 June, 2014, Brussels, Belgium

    We would like to extend a huge thank you to those who attended our INES meeting in Brussels. We would also like to thank our partners and speakers for their hospitality and we hope to collaborate again soon.
    Additional meetings are being planned as well.