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On 7 july 2016 the meeting on upscaling of salinity gradient power in Singapore took place at the SMTC of the National Technical University of Singapore, assembling academia, industries and governmental representatives from Asia, the USA, Australia and Europe. At the meeting progress was presented and discussed for PRO and RED pilot projects.

Challenges for the Implementation of Pressure Retarded Osmosis

The Potential of Integrating PRO and RED Technology with Municipal Desalination and Waste-water Treatment Plants as a Strategy to Off-set Energy Requirements

Development of innovative membranes and membrane based systems in Singapore at NTU

Overview of Projects for Upscaling of RED and PRO Applications in Relation to Desalination and Wastewater Treatment Singapore 7 July 2016

Pilot Study On RED/dRED Process For Desalination Brine Recovery

Polymeric membranes for osmotic power generation

IMIEU Completed a global overview of the state of the art of Salinity Gradient Power for the International Renewable Energy Agency- IRENA-

Salinity Energy v4

Report Barcelona 2012

Report Brussels 2012 NUS